Lightwave RF – Remote Control Heating, Lighting & Power


Take control of your heating, lighting and power at home or wherever you are.APP1

The LightwaveRF Home Thermostat and Boiler Switch allow you to monitor, schedule and control your boiler in real-time manually or from your smartphone, tablet or PC using the LightwaveRF App. Create weekly profiles, monitor and set the temperature in real‑time. Save money and energy whilst maintaining comfort when you need it most. This can be done at or away from home.

LightwaveRF Modules
Installing LightwaveRF in the home is very simple. No complex planning or alterations to the building fabric is needed. No special installation training is necessary; many modules are plug and play, and wired units only require an installer to have a part p qualification to wire them. They use standard 35mm backboxes. No extra cabling is required.

Join the Smarthome Revolution
LightwaveRF is a revolution in home heating, and Radiator Valves that can be controlled from anywhere.

All LightwaveRF devices can be controlled from Handheld Remotes, PIR sensors or a smartphone, tablet or iPod Touch. Set up takes just a few minutes. Whether installed in new builds or existing homes, LightwaveRF offers an unprecedented advance in performance at a cost that’s within everyone’s reach. All LightwaveRF devices are modular so they can be installed progressively to create an entire wireless home one piece at a time.


You’re in control wherever you are
Lying on the sofa at home, sat at your desk, going to and from work, even on holiday abroad, now you can control heating, lighting and power from anywhere with internet access.

Simply download the free LightwaveRF app to set up and control your LightwaveRF system on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s smart, intuitive and extremely user-friendly. In fact, when you see all the things it can do for you, it could become one of your best friends.

The smart way to spend less on energy
Ever wondered how much electricity or gas your home is using? Lightwave gives you the answer. More than that, it monitors your energy usage in real-time and tells you how much your energy is costing per hour.

This feature alone makes it easy to find ways of saving energy, identifies energyhungry appliances and helps you reduce your energy consumption. There’s no big mystery here; when you only use the power you need, you’re saving money. No need to heat a room that’s not in use or leave lights on accidentally. And say goodbye to appliances left on standby.


  • Simple plug and play or retrofit: no re-wiring
  • Smartphone, tablet and PC control from anywhere
  •  Full zoned control of wet and electric radiators
  • Boiler control including combis, S plan and Y plan
  • Monitor open windows and doors and trigger alerts
  • Full bidirectional: monitor temperature and status
  • Set automatic schedules room by room
  • Modular and flexible: add to the system at any time
  • Setback heating if no room occupant detected

LightwaveRF – Remote Controllable Heating

LightwaveRF – Remote Controllable Lighting

LightwaveRF – Remote Controllable Electrics