Disclaimer Statement

Disclaimer Statement

All installation instructions must be left in a safe place adjacent to the product installed or given to the end user once they have been correctly instructed in the effective operation of the product. The Installer has a duty of care to instruct the end user how to operate the products correctly.

Icon Heating Solutions Ltd will not accept liability for any claims or damages from failure to observe these instructions.

These instructions include essential and important information for safe and correct installation, and are an integral part of the product. As a consequence all technical documents must always accompany the product.

Icon Heating Solutions Ltd is continually developing its product range and therefore reserves the right to change specification without prior notice. All the data and instructions provided are subject to review or product update changes at any time. If in doubt please contact the manufacturer to ensure you have the correct and current manual.

Please always refer to the instructions when installing the equipment.

The operations described in the instructions require specialised knowledge and therefore it is essential the installer has the appropriate qualifications and competence training prior to installing our products. You should only install our product once you have achieved such technical qualifications.

The instructions are provided in schematic form only as installations designs may vary. The diagrams used are purely indicative and as such have no pretense of completeness and are not intended to replace the design.

Please ensure that the installer has fully completed the Benchmark Checklist on the inside back pages of the installation instructions supplied with the product and that you have signed it to say that you have received a full and clear explanation of its operation. The installer is legally required to complete a commissioning checklist as a means of complying with the appropriate Building Regulations (England and Wales).

All Installations must be notified to Local Area Building Control either directly or through a Competent Persons Scheme. A Building Regulations Compliance Certificate will then be issued to the customer who should, on receipt, write the Notification Number on the service record / checklist. Our products should be serviced regularly to ensure its safety, efficiency and performance is maintained. The installation engineer should complete the relevant Service Record on the Benchmark Checklist after each service. The service record / checklist is required in the event of any warranty work and as supporting documentation relating to home improvements in the optional documents section of the Home Information Pack This must be completed and left with the products at all times as it contains important commissioning reference information which is essential for future service work. Failure to do so will result in the warranty becoming void.

Icon Heating Solutions Ltd cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising from product specifications deviating from the standard version.

All information provided has been compiled with all possible care, Icon Heating Solutions Ltd cannot be held liable for any installation errors, loss or damage or work performed by third parties.

© 2016 Icon Heating Solutions Ltd reserves the right to change this document at any time. All rights reserved.