Base Cube Boilers

Base Cube & Base Cube Duo

The Base Cube and Base Cube Duo range are some of the most robust condensing boilers on the market.

A condensing boiler could save you, on average, up to 30% of your energy usage. Since 2005, it is now a requirement that any new domestic gas appliance must be a condensing boiler.

Condensing boilers maximise the heat generated, by recovering much of the heat lost which would normally be expelled through the flue. Our range of condensing boilers are some of the most robust, highly efficient boilers on the market, providing an exceptional flow rate which will fill you bath in minutes!

A mandatory legislation was introduced in 2015 whereby all heating products must have energy rating label. All our boilers are ErP ‘A’ rated for both heating and domestic hot water. They have very few moving parts which are compatible across the boiler range. If fact our boiler is so flexible our 30/ 35kW combi can be used as a system boiler and have its heating output turned down to as low as 6kW. This means one boiler fits all and is a perfect solution for the end user who want exceptional flow rate with a small heating requirement.

Base Cubeprod_baseCube
The Base Cube is one of the most efficient condensing combi boilers on the market. With it’s unique ‘Coiled’ heat exchanger and far fewer parts, our extremely efficient boilers are an ideal choice.

The innovative Base Cube heat exchanger consists of 2 independent circuits in the primary heat exchanger. This eliminates the need for a secondary plate heat exchanger and a 3-way valve. With an exceptional DHW flow rate of 16 litres per minute at 60°C, the Base Cube can fill your bath in just a few minutes.

Base Cube Duo
Offering the same features and benefits of the Base Cube, the Duo has the added advantage of 2 separate central heating (CH) circuits. With a low temperature circuit for underfloor heating and a high temperature for radiators, there’s no need for an expensive manifold pump and mixing valve.


Water fill connections must be direct to the boiler and NOT via any water softener devices.


  • 5 year warranty
  • 2 Separate Heating Circuits (Base Cube Duo only)
  • Exceptional Flow Rate – 16ltrs/min @60°C
  • 96.1% Efficient in DHW
  • 107% Efficient in CH
  • NO Secondary Heat Exchanger
  • NO 3-Way Valve
  • Flexible Installation
  • Environmentally Friendly, Energy Saving Boiler
  • Low Noise Level
  • User Friendly Control