About Icon Heating Solutions

Why was Icon Heating Solutions created?

Managing Director, Kevin Phipson, founded the company because he is an ardent supporter of green energy heating options that are highly efficient and produce a low carbon footprint. He sees the use of these innovative solutions as an important way of minimising ongoing costs, in particular, addressing the problems currently being faced by those in fuel poverty.

Starting in the heating industry as an engineer, Kevin has a wealth of experience of over 40 years. Throughout his career he has worked in customer service, product and technical development and support roles and truly knows his products inside out, understanding the needs of customers. This means he appreciates how important it is to have good quality products that are easy to install and
maintain, and that meet the needs of the customers.

This desire to make these innovative high-quality products available to the installer market is the driving force behind everything that Icon Heating Solutions does.

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